IIVT, a division of the Shahani Group, was founded in the year 1998 with the goal of developing VLSI Engineers for the rapidly growing Indian semiconductor industry. Today its engineers work in several semiconductor companies in India, and some are even managers at companies such as Intel.


IIVT is in the process of opening a Training & Design Center in Ulhasnagar in collaboration with CHM College. 

The batch on VLSI Physical Design is scheduled to begin in May 2019. This will be a 4 month Full-Time extensive course (Monday thru Friday, 9am to 6pm), focusing on vital aspects of Physical Design and getting the student ready for the real-world. The course includes both theory and Lab. It is 15% Theory, and 85% Lab work, with real-world exercises and projects as required by the industry.

Topics include:

  •  Full-custom Layout with TSMC 65nm
  •  Design of Standard Cells
  •  Memory cells
  •  Analog Layout
  •  Place and Route
  •  Physical Verification
  •  Timing
  •  Design for Manufacturing
  •  Key Topics of 7nm, the world’s latest technology in Chip Design


The Instructor for the Course is an experienced VLSI Designer of several years in the industry. Standard Electronic Design Automation Software will be used for the Labs. You need to have your own laptop. We will install these Softwares on your laptop or you will connect to our License Server and access these Softwares. Complete instructions will be provided.

The Quality of the Course and Course Content is similar to that of a reputed US University. Note that Course Materials will be presented on a Screen during Lectures, but oweing to the Confidential nature of these documents, will not be handed out to the students. Students can however take notes during the lectures. For certain material that is not Confidential, notes will be handed out, at a cost of the Actual Xerox charge.

Method to Enrol:

An Entrance Test is required which will be held at CHM College in Dec 2018 / Jan 2019. CHM will announce the dates shortly. Topics include Basic Logic Design (Chapters 1, 3, and 4 from the book Modern Digital Electronics by RP Jain, available for free download from the net), and an Aptitude Test (similar to GRE Analytical Section)

Eligibility: BSc / MSc Physics, Mathematics. BE / MS / M. Tech Computer Science / Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation.

Fees and Bond:

Although this course is valued at lakhs of rupees, we have designed it to be virtually free.  Note the following:

A small charge of 1000 Rs (One Thousand) per student per month is to be given. Total is 4000 Rs for 4 months.

Actual Xerox charge of any notes that are given out.  Note that any Confidential notes will not be handed out as explained above.

Student needs to sign a Bond with IIVT / Nimano Physical Design. Based on this, the student agrees to work at a salary of 20,000 Rs (Twenty Thousand rupees) per month. There will be a 8% increment after the first year of work. This will be at any company in the semiconductor industry in India as a Physical Design Engineer (or similar title). Companies could be Nimano Physical Design, Soctronics, Invecas, Mirafra, Cerium etc. These companies are generally in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other cities in India. It may happen that you are hired by one company and are stationed on site at a leading semiconductor company such as Micron, Qualcomm, Intel, etc.

This Bond is for a period of 30 months from the 1st date of work.  Note that the 1st date of work will be within 3 months after completing the course.

Once work begins, the student can break the Bond only with a flat payment of 3 lakh rupees. If the Bond is not broken, the student continues to work at the company and continues to receive his monthy salary as explained above.

In case, work is not provided within 3 months after completing the Course, the Bond does not Apply.  There is no charge from either side. 

An Affidavit and Bank Guarantee is required for the above.


For Further queries, Please send an email to  rbadvani@gmail.com
Or call 022-22874667, 9819927717

CHM College Administration will also have additional details in the weeks ahead.   Stay tuned …


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