A legacy of Learning

The legacy of the Shahani Group in the education sector goes back more than 100 years to a visionary named Thadomal Shahani, who was an educationist in the true sense of the term. Born in the mid-nineteenth century in a scholarly Sindhi family, he learnt the value of education early. He realized early that the best way to lift people out of poverty was to give them an education. While his devotion to the cause of the underprivileged was exemplary, what set him apart was his definition of the word ‘education’ – he wanted to go beyond the usual ‘qualifications’-oriented education system and instill in his students a certain curiosity and willingness to learn.

His sons & grandsons continued this service in the cause of learning and helped to found more than 24 iconic colleges in Mumbai, including Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, HR College, KC College and National College.

The Shahani Group Today

The Shahani Group is now in its fourth generation and is helmed by Maya Shahani & Akhil Shahani. Under their leadership, the group has expanded into a new generation of institutions in areas of management, media, banking, real estate, digital marketing and others. It also incorporates an educational technology division and job placement division. The group has a range of non-profit initiatives in the areas of education and health for the under resourced members of our society.

A New Way of Learning

The Shahani Group’s century-long experience in the education sector has its roots in scholarly thought and self-guided development. Hence, the group’s approach to education is also based on these principles. Most institutions in the education sector in India have a generalized and mass oriented approach to learning. However, the Shahani Group believes that each learner is unique and has distinctive needs.

This is why the Shahani system is tailored towards individual goals and focuses on developing individual attitudes and skills. The Shahani Group’s institutions provide a Responsive Learning Environment that is based on a deep understanding of individual learners and is therefore customized to their needs. Such a learning environment results in higher learner engagement, more effective learning and enhanced goal accomplishment. Having undergone an empowering journey in this unique learning environment, the learner becomes more independent, self-driven and curious. This makes the individual a better fit for the dynamic corporate world.


The group has been widely recognized for the work it has done in the field of education & it has won many awards including:

CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award For Ethical Business Practices
CII Education Excellence Award
Clinton Global Initiative Award at the hands of Pres. Bill Clinton
The Shahani Group wins award for “Most Outstanding Education Group 2020″
Our Chairperson Maya Shahani received an award for Excellence in Education
Shahani Group receives Maharashtra Best Employer Brand Award 2019

Shahani Group Logo

The Shahani Group logo incorporates the Peepal tree, also called the Bodhi tree or Sacred Fig tree. This tree has long been associated with education and enlightenment in India. It was under the shade of such large trees that the earliest gurus imparted their teachings. Lord Gautam Buddha meditated for 49 unbroken days under the heart-shaped leaves of a Peepal tree in Bodh Gaya, and attained enlightenment.

Committed to the cause of education, the Shahani Group draws deep inspiration from the Peepal Tree. For us, it represents the journey towards enlightenment and the vision to spread the branches of our educational institutes far and wide. We aim to reach out to students and empower them to advance along the course for liberation and personal excellence, through constant nurturing and guidance. Our beliefs include being rooted in ethics and evolving with heart centric knowledge. The sacred Peepal tree signifies the Shahani group’s philosophy of ‘Education Empowered’.